How It Works

Looking for new clients? Want to offer a fresh experience? Want to be transparent with your current and prospective clients? Want to gain live time data on exactly what candidates your prospective clients are looking for and what they are searching?

My Talent Platform is a smart recruiting tool that allows recruitment companies to display their active candidates to their clients in a way that is easy for clients to use and never seen before. Give your clients a unique recruiting experience, allowing them to view your active talent without releasing any of your candidates details keeping you in control. 

Your Candidates

Your Dashboard

Once you have signed up, we will talk your through your easy to use part of the platform and assist you in branding your site. You will have your own unique URL and login.

Adding/Importing Candidates

Once logged in and you are happy with your site. You can start adding candidates right away. You can import candidates from your CRM or add manually. If you want to anonymise any your candidates, you can do that using our redactor in seconds. MyTalentPlatform will take initial batch of candidates you want to add and bulk import them so when you sign up, you are given a fully functional, own branded, anonymised system with your candidates within days.

Create Users

Create users for members of your team. Every candidate added is assigned to a user who has ownership over that candidate. If a client requests more info or an interview for a candidate the notification is sent to that user. We can bulk import client users too. 


Your Clients

Adding Clients

Ready to invite your clients to search your candidates? Simply create their account, send them a login and invite them to view your talent. Only people you give access can view your candidates. Brilliant for current customers and even better for prospective customers as a great BD tool. Alternatively, you can allow clients to add themselves and keep your system open to the world.

Real time messaging on your candidates

Customers can comment on candidates they like, ask questions and you are notified asap so that you do not miss a beat! Clients can also request agency terms on candidates pages once you have piqued their interest. Notifying you straight away once that button is clicked.


Your clients will benefit from an easy to use search function and cool filters that enable them to scan through your talent. Or they can simply scroll down and browse everyone. 


MyTalentPlatform allows you to see who logs in, what they are looking at, what they searched for and how many times they login/view a candidate. This is valuable information for any agency as the customer is flagging what they are looking for. For example, if a customer is on your platform and looking at candidates you had no idea they had roles for- well, here is your opportunity to recruit for them roles.