Your questions, answered.


What is the system about?

How many customers approach you and say “Hi Recruitment Agency… I love the look of this candidate. Can I talk to them?” Zero.

We are on a mission to enhance and improve on how traditional recruitment is done and compliment all the good work recruitment agencies are already doing. We are not looking to change how agencies work, but give them a bow to the arrow thats never been seen before to help win and fish in more business. 

My Talent Platform aims to help agencies give potential buyers something of actual interest rather than the usual agency pitch- “we’re market leaders” “We’re transparent” “We’re an extension of your business” With MTP we can actually generate tangible interest.

Agencies can still work how they usually do, but with the addition of MyTalentPlatform you have the chance to add an efficient, profit maximising and unique arrow to your recruitment bow. Setting your agency apart from the rest.

We was spec’ing CV’s in recruitment since the birth of the internet. Its about time we moved on.

MTP is looking at all the candidates, experts, consultants, contractors and more that are sitting on a database not doing anything. We showcase no personal data and everyone is anonymised so why are we not putting these candidates to good use, showing potential buyers our quality, what we can deliver, install confidence that we are the agency to use!! 

Can I brand my platform as my own company?

Yes you can, brand it, change it (colours, logo, URL etc) and advertise it as your own innovative, easy to use system.

Can anyone see my candidates?

No you stay in full control and its up to you who has access. If you have the system ‘open’ you will be notified on who adds themselves for you to approve.  

Can this work with my CRM?

Yep! We can import from any CRM. 

Can I redact in bulk? 

Yep! We can take batches of CV’s from you and add them on the backend. They will be redacted in seconds.

Can my customers see who the candidates are?

No, all details are anonymous and customers will have to approach you if they like anyone. Our easy to use redacting software takes care of that.


Drop us a message so we can actually show you the system and our friendly (non pushy) team will talk you through it.  

How do I get candidates & users on my platform?

We can import from your database and upload in a matter of seconds. 

Can my current clients see unanonymised talent?


Only if you have added candidates to their short list. Other than that, they wont be able to see any candidate details and you are in full control.

Will clients be able to find my candidates on LinkedIn?

No, our redactor can remove a heap of information- names, contact info, links, previous employer names, education all the way to military service if you want.