Your very own branded, anonymised, smart platform to showcase your candidates and generate more activity.

My Talent Platform is an innovative software as a service business development tool that enables recruitment agencies to easily manage, import and showcase their candidates (anonymously) to prospective and current customers. 

Engaging with more hiring managers and increasing exposure on current candidates resulting in maximum placements and activity.

Smart analytics software on user views and searches that give you priceless information on what customers are looking for.   

The innovative and simple talent ‘shop window’ that your clients will love.​

Brand your very own bespoke recruitment shop or candidate marketplace

Your Logo, your URL, your site, your talent, your clients, your deals

Anonymise/Redact your CV's on our system in seconds

Our smart software can automatically redact a number of things from CV's ranging from contact details, pictures, links, employer names and much much more. All at a click of a button

Allow prospective clients to browse your anonymous candidates for free via easy skills searches and filters

Offer your prospective clients a USP. Break down the typical recruitment barriers and allow your prospective clients to come in and have a shop around your active candidate pool and receive data to ensure you spend your time on finding the right candidates.

Live time notifications & Messaging boards attached to every candidate

Communicate freely with all clients on the system. All messaging is stored on a candidate profile so nothing is lost and everything is organised. With live time notifications you will be notified as soon as a client sends a message allowing you to keep the hiring process as short as possible.

Send Hotlists to prospective customers.

For example D&I is a huge topic right now. If you have a shortlist of D&I candidates or of a certain type of candidate that you know the client is looking for…save them time searching and send them a “hotlist” that you know will get straight to the pain point.


See all activity from customers from what they search and who they view. Gather priceless data on what customers are really looking giving you more ammo to pique their interest and lock them in.